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27 Mar

Sure, they’re from the Minolta days and have a heritage behind them, but admittedly the company doesn’t push them anywhere as hard as they do their E mount lineup.

You’ll spot white balance, drive, and ISO control here–much different from the a7 series of cameras, especially when you consider the giant LCD screen.

On the back of the camera, you’ll find another giant LCD screen with buttons primiarily placed for right handed use. Some of the major highlights here are the menu button on the top left, the joystick controller (which feels like it should be slightly higher), function buttons, and a few other custom function buttons. The LCD screen tilts out like the previous one did on the Sony a99.

This is very much just like any other DSLR system that you find out there.

The top of the camera is characterized by the fact that you find a mode dial, a giant LCD screen, Sony’s multi-interface shoe, and a few other controls.

It’s a bit weird but useful and I’m sure that in use for more than 15 minutes it will make sense.This camera’s closest competitors are the Canon 5D Mk IV and the Nikon D810.The wellness centre has four rooms for treatments, a panoramic terrace, a hydrotherapy pool and a sunbathing area overlooking the gulf, a hammam and a fitness area.The dramatic hall is accessed via twin elevators in the centre of the hotel projecting sounds and visions to prepare visitors for the emotional experience awaiting them.For what it’s worth, Sony has the best viewfinder but I’m able to see Canon’s autofocus points the easiest. I simply enjoy the layout of their buttons more and more.Sony’s camera is more boxy in feeling but still makes for a nice ergonomic experience–if not for one that looks like it has the broadest shoulders. With the 5D Mk IV, I feel like Canon returned to a camera that feels like the Mk II–my absolute favorite digital camera of all time.That’s not to say that Nikon doesn’t do well; it’s just not for me. Though it looks a bit funny, when you pick it up and hold it it feels very nice in the hand.This grip is one of the few that I really, really like.